Banking Marketplace New Features!

This week's release includes new features for Banking Marketplace. This includes the ability to write velocity count and sum rules on both the customer and the counterparty. These velocity rules allow the user to write the rule on either the unique identifier of the counterparty or the combination of the account number and bank code used in the transaction. Also, users can add such elements to block or watch lists. P2P is now a payment method available in the advanced settings velocity rules. We will continue to roll out enhancements for this new sector.

Also in this release:

  • Geo codes from postal codes in the UK and Sweden are now available. This allows for distance calculations between physical addresses and IP addresses.

New App and Geocodes!

This release includes two exciting new features, including a new lookup app and expanded coverage of geocodes.

SERPRO (CPF Brazilian Tax ID) Lookup App

SERPRO refers to the Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados). 

CPF stands for "Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas," which translates to "Individual Taxpayer Registry" or simply "Individual Tax Identification Number" (TIN) in English. CPF is a unique identification number assigned to each Brazilian citizen and resident for tax purposes. It serves as an identification tool for opening a bank account, Conducting financial transactions, and filing taxes.

With this integration, users can provide the CPF and resident/citizen's name and will provide back the details from SERPRO. This includes if the CPF and name match as well as their date of birth.

Geo Codes

When sending an address, matches, generally down to the postal code, it to a corresponding geo code. This Geocode provides latitude and longitude details that allow for distance and comparison calculations to occur within the FN rules engine. Previously, there were gaps in certain countries/locations making such calculations difficult. With this release, we can reference/match the postal codes of all countries to a corresponding Geo code.

Banking Marketplace API

In beta for the past few months, is proud to announce the Banking Marketplace API has been published and available for production use!

Many of our fintech and banking clients support multiple partners and have high levels of complexity in managing them. This API allows our clients to send transactions from each of their partners to the same API endpoint for risk assessment. Also, there are new ways to evaluate risk including at the intermediary bank level, the counterparty account and routing (or other bank codes) level, the partner level and changes made at both the account and customer level.

You can view the documentation here!

Release 12-14: Integration with Sayari and Bug Fixes

Sayari: Clients can now utilize Sayari's data to further enrich their investigations. Sayari offers data intelligence solutions for financial crime compliance, risk management, and corporate due diligence. By leveraging open-source and public records, Sayari helps organizations investigate risks, uncover connections, and make informed decisions.

Bug Fixes: Includes updated calculations for distance comparisons in rules as well as a few usability updates that make for a more seamless experience.

Release 13-23: Events 2.0 Available for Sandbox and Production!

We are excited to announce that Events 2.0 is now available in both the Sandbox and Production environments. Features include customizing the layout of event pages, customizing the details within each card and even customizing what the field names are called. Also, this includes a big upgrade in features clients already use like Network History, Rule Results, Document Manager and so much more. Not to mention, we upgraded the design all around!

Events 2.0 would not have been possible without the input of all of our clients. We thank them for helping us through a series of workshops to improve the user experience and overall product.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager today to begin testing!

Release 12-23: Events 2.0 Features!

As mentioned in previous posts, is gearing up to release a new and improved case management portal. This past week we added some new features to make the user experience even better. This includes design improvements to the Rule Alerts and Network History cards as well as some minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Release 11-23: More and More Apps

The AppStore continues to fill up as we added two new apps to it this week. 

We are pleased to announce that our clients can now utilize AtData and Ekata to help in their workflows and decision-making processes.

Ekata's Account Opening App elevates the customer onboarding experience for ecommerce companies, marketplaces, and financial institutions. Allowing our clients to onboard more customers with higher confidence and lower friction while reducing account opening Fraud.

AtData is a lookup app that can provide additional insights into the email address used in an event. This includes email verification and email activity. AtData specialized in Fraud Prevention and has this to say: 

40% of fraudsters use a newly created email. 10% of Fraud is attempted using addresses that are fake or invalid. Companies worldwide power their fraud prevention with AtData’s massive historical database of email addresses and the billions of real-time signals we receive every month. We've been compiling email-centric identity data for over 20 years, and we have the most comprehensive and accurate email data available to enhance your fraud discovery models.

Release 10-23: Drift Detection's data science team has a new and improved way to detect if a custom model has drifted in performance. Usually, models drift when a new demographic or product has been introduced by a client. As the behaviours of our client's customers change, we want to make sure our models adjust accordingly as well. With our new method of Drift Detection, our models stay up to date and continue to perform well, even as the data received changes.

Release 23-8: Layout Editor

As prepares to launch Events 2.0, features are being built to allow for our clients to have deeper levels of customization than ever before. 

In collaboration with your Customer Success Manager, users can now choose the features they want to include when reviewing an event. Select from all sorts of new cards including the Document Manager, Comments card, AppStore Results, the newest Network History card or make your own card from scratch!

Not only can the layout be customized, now users can add the data points they find most relevant to each card. This includes custom fields!

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